Emmanuel Amule Moses, South Sudan


Meeting Emmanuel can give you hope. Hope that at some point something will change in this country at war. He sees his path as a social worker to give courage and confront violence with peaceful alternatives, since this will be the only answer in the long run.

Emmanuel on NVC: “I was born in a country where war is omnipresent, violence almost normal, and I had taken it as “normal” that the Arabs from the Northern Part of Sudan were responsible for our suffering. This is what our society still thinks, but for me it has changed after my first NVC workshop. My inner judge was healed and got out of the endless spiral of blame.
Our children are the future of South-Sudan, they should be able to play and learn, rather than fight. And this is what I fight for: give children soldiers a chance for their change.
The NVC network which was created through the workshops gives me footing, strength, empathy, and encourages me to continue my way in this country where small children are sent to war, and violence is considered the right solution. I believe in the strong potential of every human being to change, to heal inner wounds and positively contribute to a change in society.”

Profession: Social Worker, Administrator