Nonviolent Communication

Workshops with people coming from countries where poverty and misery frequently leads to conflicts and violence ••• for mutual respect ••• for a future of peaceful coexistance



The joy of empathic giving and receiving

The intention of Nonviolent Communication “NVC” by Marshall Rosenberg is to create human and social structures that empower and support compassionate giving and receiving. People learn to treat each other in a way where aggressions are being handled and conflicts lead to a peaceful solution.
For that purpose they first learn to realize their own feelings by identifying the needs behind, and then communicate them free of any evaluation or judgement. This process includes the ability and willingness to listen empathically and perceive the needs of the other person. Thus a solution unfolds that satisfies all involved in the communication (win-win-solution).
Rosenberg assumes that the modality of people’s communication has a critical impact on their ability to develop empathy, and their willingness to recognize and be with the needs of others. Above the pure technique NVC is an inner attitude that emphasizes the appreciation of oneself and others.
Nonviolent Communication can be applied in many environments: educational institutions, organizations, public institutions, private relationships, therapy, counselling, negotiations, Foreign Services, and in any other kind of conflicts.
Rosenberg offered NVC trainings in many European countries and all over the world, and he has developed a concept for learning NVC especially for children.


»Nobody ever needs help. There is enough helping energy around — it only needs our hearts and hands to get moved.«
Marshall B. Rosenberg