International NVC Workshop
Ruhpolding, 29th September – 8th October 2010

End of September/beginning of October 2010 the second NVC workshop “First Call for Children” took place in Ruhpolding, Germany. 35 participants came from Africa, India, Philippines and Croatia.
The trainers were Dominic Barter, Brasil, Verena Jegher, Swiss, Edelgard Kopp, Swiss, and Gitta Zimmermann, Germany.
One main focus of the workshop was the “Restorative Circle” which was founded by NVC-trainer Dominic Barter. He worked for the last ten years with street-children in Rio de Janeiro. In the “Restorative Circle” a space is created where everybody in a conflict is heard, and together they search for a solution in which the needs of all participants are satisfied. This happens without any possible threat, retribution or punishment.


Sanjana (20 years, from India), a participant of the NVC Project 2010, tells us why she wants to attend the workshop: “Why do I want to take part in the workshop? I want to understand what is going on in other countries. I have too much violence within me which I got from the streets and I don’t want it anymore. I want to be a peaceful person.”


This workshop seminar has been filmed by Dani Wolf. The whole film takes 120 min and can be watched on you tube.
The following film clips will give you an impression of the workshop and the participants: