Gitta Zimmermann


My intention

My childhood was a very content and balanced one, and today I live in an environment that is secure and caring too. Part of what I received I want to share with and pass on to people, who grew up under different circumstances than I did. For this reason I want to get into action, I want to get something going.

It was during my academic studies (promotion in Biology) when I — besides purely observing Natural Sciences — began to get more and more interested in Interpersonal Communication and its backgrounds.
In the 1990s, I founded a forest-kindergarten that was followed by leading positions in several children-projects. These projects — mainly with orphans from Africa and the Philippines — showed quite obviously to me, that there is an incredible number of children living on this earth, who need help and support — like food, a home, schools — to get the chance of living a life in dignity.
It was in 2003 when I first read about NVC, and I was fascinated right away. Sometimes in life it happens that we come across things, that have already been drowsing deep inside of us, and only waited for the right moment to be awakened. In this way I got in touch with NVC.
Meanwhile, I’m organizing my eighth NVC Workshop in Germany, and with great joy I notice projects following up, organized and instructed by the participants themselves in their home countries.
I am very happy to see how NVC is totally absorbed and internalized by the participants. NVC is not only a language and inner attitude, but a certain source of energy, that is nourished by the desire for making these precious feelings available for all other people and in this way contribute to their well-being.


My qualifications

In February 2010, I received the certification for being a Certified NVC-Trainer (by Center for Nonviolent Communication).
I completed the classical school for mediation including four courses in supervision with accreditation of the German BM (Bundesverband Mediation).
With Dominic Barter I finished an education for being Mediator and participated in several of his trainings for facilitating Restorative Circles.
In creating and organizing my own NVC projects I can combine to work with Nonviolent Communication and at the same time support children. This means a consequent step into a satisfying engagement. In the beginning I was more acting in the background, planning and organizing the projects. Since 2010 I am very proud to additionally contribute to my projects as trainer.
In 2012, I participated in courses for further studies in “cooperative adventure games” arranged by various teachers. I personally really enjoy playing games as it helps to develop lightness, and to connect to other people very easily, even without knowing much about them. At the same time, I use playing games as a bridge to get closer to young persons, to get closer to their world. Together, we are doing something what we have been doing spontaneously since years anyway: We play together. A big gain is the creation of trust, and the attempts of each one to find own solutions. I love the presence which emerges while playing.