Ibrahim Zukpeni † + Mubarak Alhassan, Ghana


Ibrahim Abukari Zukpeni and Mubarak Alhassan had been working together since 2012 with their shared vision of providing more social support to orphans or children with little financial background.
When the two young men got to know NVC, they knew that this was a crucial tool on their way because it changes peoples’ attitude from the inside.

They organized a 4-day workshop in Tamale (Ghana), with 70 participants from all over Africa. For most of them, it was their first contact with NVC.
A very pioneering event, because NVC changed many of their lives and its ripple effect was felt not only within themselves but also within their families, friends and the community at large.
To keep this nonviolent spirit alive in their community, Ibrahim and Mubarak founded NVC-Ghana Network, an NGO for peaceful communication.

Then, in 2018, after attending the NVC-Ruhpolding-Workshop, they set up PANKO – a youth center, that sat down to the aim to connect the most vulnerable children in the rural communities to education and meaningful leisure activities.
This can be achieved by the establishment of a playground for fun, joy and sporting activities for these children as well as of a space for literature and NVC mediation.

A Shock: Ibrahim died suddenly and unexpected on March 21, 2020. May his soul rest in perfect peace!
It is now the responsibility of Mubarak to continue the project with the support of his team.

Mubarak Alhassan is a peace trainer and youth activist who believes in helping and inspiring young people. He wants to focus on seeing their needs and unleashing their talents in order to empower them to live more fulfilled lifes.
Mubarak`s long term goal is to build structures that support the individuals to realize their dreams.
He is responsible for the overall management of the project including liaising with partners and donors, supervising team members, project implementation, financial and administrative guidance, reporting, monitoring and evaluation of the project.

Ibrahim Zukpeni †

Mubarak Alhassan

This is what Ibrahim and Mubarak are reflecting on NVC: “Our young generation has got so much power, yet is still strongly moulded by their environment and education, where everybody is trained to look for their own benefit, and conflicts are often resolved with violence, based on the principal of right and wrong. I myself was not free of it. Of course, it seems easier to blame somebody else for your own misery.
Through NVC I have learnt to get rid of this role of victimhood, because I have realised I always have a choice. This understanding basically leads to more responsibility and the belief in your own power. And this is what we strongly need in Ghana.
So my aim is to build an NVC-network in Ghana in order to bring NVC to young people through radio, TV and schools. I am dreaming of a society where mutual understanding and space for dialogue are the basis.”