Ibrahim Zukpeni, Ghana


Ibrahim is a trainer for social change and strongly believes in the potential of young people in Ghana. He is convinced of their power and capacity to fundamentally change the society and bring progress to the country, as long as their potential is being guided and supported “in the right way”. This is what he is standing up for every day. Together, we now start a project of setting up a football field for fun, joy, sportive activities and (NVC-)education for children with only a few belongings (“poor”).

Ibrahim on NVC: “Our young generation has got so much power, yet is still strongly moulded by their environment and education, where everybody is trained to look for their own benefit, and conflicts are often resolved with violence, based on the principal of right and wrong. I myself was not free of it. Of course, it seems easier to blame somebody else for your own misery.
Through NVC I have learnt to get rid of this role of victimhood, because I have realised I always have a choice. This understanding basically leads to more responsibility and the belief in your own power. And this is what we strongly need in Ghana.
So my aim is to build an NVC-network in Ghana in order to bring NVC to young people through radio, TV and schools. I am dreaming of a society where mutual understanding and space for dialogue are the basis.”

Profession: Social Change Trainer & Facilitator and Youth and Community Development Activist