Adventures of Lups & Spotty


Newsletter for children

After the workshop in India, 2015, Vivek Singh, a participant from Ruhpolding, had the idea to create a newsletter for children. So we developed this for everybody between 6 and 110 years old to read, share and distribute with everybody. Again in respect for children we included handmade paintings from Christiane Lesch.

Here one can have a look at two newsletters. The complete booklet with seven newsletters can be ordered at at the publishing house SchneiderEditionen, Stuttgart, in English (ISBN 978-3-943305-59-3) as well as in German (ISBN 978-3-943305-58-6).
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Also, you can listen to what happens when Spotty is empathic with Lups and “walks in his shoes” (Adventure 2/2), spoken by Jana Catharina Schmidt and Stephan Müller:


Here, you find the two exemplary newsletters in German: