Ruhpolding Workshops


Since 2007, I am offering NVC workshops for people who work with children and street children, and for some former street children as well. They are coming from different countries like the Philippines, India, and some African countries.
9 days we are living and learning together in a group of 30 to 60 people in a cocoon atmosphere.


I hear Marshall often saying that celebration is a kind of fuel for the work we are doing. Therefore I share (with agreement) one of the feedbacks I got privately after “First Call for Children” Ruhpolding 2022, from father Heinz Kulüke who was one of the initiators of my workshops.

(…) It is great that these workshop series “Nonviolent Communication for people working with children/frequently street children” have moved so much positive.
Here on the Philippines as well, I sensed joy and satisfaction in our people returning from Ruhpolding. The NVC seminars created new life energy, to continue on the often not easy path with people on the margins of society.
As you know, many of us work in very difficult situations, marked in many ways by violence. This often reveals a certain hopelessness and despondency, as change is really hard to come by.
NVC has an important contribution in this situation in particular because it opens up a different path, namely to try again with a different way of dealing and communicating characterized by NVC.

16 years, during which the workshops have taken place already seven times, that’s a long time. All this has consumed a lot of energy. At the same time, the lifes of people and especially of children have been changed in a positive and lasting way.
For all what you have achieved through the NVC workshops, also for our children in need, may I thank you very much. I can only confirm that “every effort has been worthwhile”. You and all of us can be very pleased.

With kind Advent greetings
Heinz Kulüke