Martha Dello, Tanzania


Martha is a woman whose warm heart beats for children and women. In her work with young mothers her main focus is on helping them discover their own strength and on giving new perspectives to their lives. Right now Martha and her team are organising an international NVC workshop in her country.

Martha on NVC: “Through NVC I have learnt to listen to myself and to others without judging or giving advice before being asked for it. This has had a strong influence on my life. Especially in my work with young mothers I realise how much NVC can lift them up when they begin to listen to themselves, to take themselves seriously and to express themselves. When I see how much NVC changes in those I work with, and that even teachers suggest to implement it in the curriculum, then these are wonderful key moments for me which give me hope that our society will become more peaceful sooner or later.”

Profession: Teacher, Montessori Method Teacher, Assistant at Faraja Young Women Development Organization