International Workshops


I was invited by some of my participants to go into their home countries and help them offering NVC workshops locally.



One of the outcome of my Ruhpolding Workshops is the connection to Martha from Tanzania.
Together, we decided to organise an International Intensive Training IIT in her hometown, Arusha.
With this event, in June/July 2022 we want to develop and deepen the NVC community in some African countries.
This training is supported by the Center for Nonviolent Communication.
The workshop will mainly give many local people from Tanzania and from other African countries the chance to dive into the world of nonviolence. Together, we want to experience the power of a living community that has awareness of its interdependence and its potential to live in dynamic coexistence, including welcoming conflicts and work on them.
We are an international trainer team who will accompany the days with care and their skill and encouragement.
Special topics of interest are parenting, restorative practices, empowerment of families, playfulness.