International NVC Workshop
„First call for children – building and sustaining a Community“
Ruhpolding, 7th – 17th October 2018

In this workshop, we are planning to emphasize on building and sustaining a community.
Some of the participants take part already for several times, therefore they know each other, and can share their experiences. They can share their challenges in building a praxis group under “non-industrialized country” conditions.
In the long run, we plan to support the building of sharing communities i.e. in East Africa, in the Philippines, and in India. The Ruhpolding participants can support each other and their people at home by mutual visits and workshops.
Also, we would like an exchange of ideas to build a business at home. If there are not enough jobs in these countries for young people, it is a question how to create them, and here we want to collect all ideas from each other and build a platform for exchange.
We try to go into the different topics of NVC awareness with a variety of offerings and several trainers, and we will include cooperative adventure games for all those willing to play as another way of connecting besides words and in order to bridge the distances between teachers and students in their home country. And as a tool to stabilize our Ruhpolding group.
The games cover topics like “Becoming aware of my own boundary”. Many children are not aware of their own limits, specially some young women who sold their body for money. Some do not know how to say no. We are supporting with these games in a joyful way a growing self esteem, and how to dare to move a step forward beyond my “limits”.

We again plan to film the workshop in order to provide it as a resource and working material for the participants themselves.
This will be the sixth international workshop in the series “First calI for children”.
All participants, mainly from the Philippines, India and countries from Africa, are working with children in special situations. Back home, they integrate NVC in their daily life and work, so that we can proudly speak about several NVC follow-up projects in their countries.