Spreading NVC


NVC follow-up projects of
Ruhpolding participants

Part of the concept of the Ruhpolding workshops is that participants do not only apply their newly acquired NVC skills but also spread them.
We would like to tell about it.
First, we shortly introduce some projects, initiated by Ruhpolding-participants. Further down, you find portraits of some of the participants, and the magnificent work they do in their home countries to reach a life of peace for all people.

Some Projects:

  • Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Miraf Hulegeb, Tigist Ayele:
    Micro business for 39 mothers, now enlarged to 400 women, including NVC workshops
  • Ghana, Tamale, Grooming Dot Org (GDO), Ibrahim Zukpeni:
    NVC workshops and creating a sport field for children of low-income families or street children
  • Kenia, Nairobi, Canopen Education Services Foundation (CES), Lydiah Mumbi Muchira:
    NVC workshops in several child-organisations
  • Kenia, Nairobi, Canopen Education Services Foundation (CES), Lydiah Mumbi Muchira:
    Gem polishing for mothers and orphans
  • India, Dahanu Taluka, Nareshwadi Learning Centre, Patricia Gokhale:
    Banana project for 58 7th grade school children
  • India, Dehli, Vivek Kumar Singh:
    NVC Newsletter for children and NVC Workshops in different organizations like schools, hospital and in an orphanage
  • India, Pune:
    Dance education for one participant, creative workshops for slum children
  • Philippines, Cebu City: Sewing shop for families from dump sites.
  • Philippines, Cebu City: Internet cafe for children of families from dump sites.
  • Philippines, Mindanao, Amina Mambuay:
    NVC workshops and support for an orphanage
  • Tanzania, Zion Care Orphanage, Japhet Rayan:
    Widow-mothers building a chicken farm
  • Uganda, Kyetume village, Home care for women and youth, Harriet Kakonge:
    Bakery schooling single mothers and NVC workshops

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