Vivek Kumar Singh, India


Vivek is a man of action who wastes no time in implementing new projects. Tirelessly he organises workshops to spread NVC in India. Alongside his work in the biggest hospital in India he takes care of his “affair of the heart”: Kutumb Village, an orphanage in his hometown Varanasi. And because he especially cares for children and would like to teach NVC in a suitable way for them he and Gitta Zimmermann have designed a newsletter for children: “Adventures of Lups & Spotty” to establish a foundation for sustainable change within our communication and — at the same time — throughout our society.

Vivek on NVC: “In our hospital in Delhi up to 10.000 people are treated on a daily base. Good communication is vital in such working conditions. Not only for passing on important information, but especially on the level of feelings and needs, since there are suffering patients facing stressed out staff on the other side. I am trying to implement NVC in every corner of our hospital; and ever since we have seen incredibly positive effects amongst clerks and nurses as well as patients.
Similarly, in Kutumb village, the orphanage which I co-founded. Here I see significant change through NVC in daily interactions. It is simply wonderful to see children grow up with such a concept and understanding.
For me compassion means to find the other in me, so that there is no other, no separation anymore. ”

Profession: Social Worker & Youth Trainer, CNVC Certification Candidate

Vivek initiated the “Giraffes of India”, an association of Indian members of the Ruhpolding workshops. Have a look at their brochure which tells more about the involved people and their ideas.