Patricia Gokhale, India


Patricia’s brain never seems to rest. As a PhD in psychology and leader of a big NGO hosting more than 700 children, she constantly imagines new sustainable projects like the Banana project to make life more free and independent for underprivileged children and women in rural areas in India.

Patricia on NVC: “NVC has changed a lot, not just in my life, but also within our organisation. Instead of being angry and blaming others, the children and women learn to identify the underlying needs and are now able to express them. Through this, for example, a whole village managed to receive electricity from the government. A result that would have been impossible to reach by way of finger pointing and complaining. Our common conditioning and ideas of right and wrongdoing hide the treasures within us, which are just waiting to be dug out. I strongly believe that empathic communication is the key to true connection between people.”

Profession: PhD in Psychology, Head of Nareshwadi Learning Centre