When we take a closer look…

Worldwide about 100 million children
from the age of 3 to 18 years
are living in the streets downtown
big cities.

They have been left alone, lost their homes as a result of war, domestic violence, poverty, and misery. They were left alone or they ran away in desperation.

They see no choice except
to eke their living in casual jobs,
collecting garbage, begging,
stealing, in drug dealing or in prostitution.

…we want to support.


Deeply touched and concerned, we are longing for a world in peace where every child can grow up in a safe environment, where its basic needs are being cared for. We want to contribute to the well-being of these children.
For these reasons we are planning and organizing workshops on “Nonviolent Communication” (NVC).
The participants are people coming from different countries and areas all over the world (Africa, Philippines, India) engaged in helping these children. In their childhood many of them have been living in the streets themselves. They will integrate “Nonviolent Communication” into their work, and teach this method and attitude to the children they are working with.
By means of NVC we want to point out to the children, that— even under the awkward conditions of a life in the streets loaded with conflicts — there are ways to find behavioral strategies, that meet their basic needs for being looked after, being sheltered and cared for, being treated with respect and love — ways of a peaceful and life-serving kind that support, cultivate and develop community.
If you are touched by this project, and you would like to contribute to its realization in any way, please contact us.
We are pleased to receive support for our NVC-trainings, for all the projects we are running with street children, for sponsorships in particular projects, and we are grateful for any hints and references on supporting connections or to other similar networks.