Stephen Dano, Philippines


Stephen is a cheerful young man of whom you would not guess that he grew up in the streets. Especially because of this experience it is important to him to mentor children in a similar situation and to show them their innate strength and help them develop new perspectives for their lives.

Stephen on NVC: “My daily life in the streets was shaped by violence. I did not know any other way, often ended up in prison and have committed lots of offences. Violence meant survival while dying inwardly.
Thanks to Paul Bongcaras who looked after me, I got in contact with NVC, and this saved me. Now I can express myself and do not react with violence when I feel helpless and powerless. For this reason I want to pass on NVC on various levels. I realise that I have better connection with people at work — I understand what moves and motivates them. I notice so much change, and I am excited to continue on this path.”

Profession: Teacher, Social Worker