Manju Pedanekar, India


Manju is a very self-confident woman who works as a project manager serving underprivileged people and – like Patricia whom she is cooperating with – constantly develops new projects to increase the quality of life of women and children in her organisation. Finding new pathways – that’s her thing.

Manju on NVC: “Many women and children who I work with have experienced torture, hunger, and rejection as well as domestic or sexual abuse. I counsel them and try to strengthen them so that they can lead a normal life. Since I have started to bring NVC into my work the sensitivity in our interaction has changed significantly. My counselling includes much more empathy than analysis, and it is a pleasure to see the impact of this in my clients.
It has also helped me personally, which I can see in my relationship with my son that is at last based on dialogue instead of misunderstandings and arguments.”

Profession: Project Manager at SAHAS (NGO working with HIV positive women and children)